Interaktyvi pusiausvyros sistema BoBo Pro Plus

Interaktyvi pusiausvyros sistema BoBo Pro Plus
Interaktyvi pusiausvyros sistema BoBo Pro Plus
Interaktyvi pusiausvyros sistema BoBo Pro Plus
Interaktyvi pusiausvyros sistema BoBo Pro Plus
Interaktyvi pusiausvyros sistema BoBo Pro Plus
  • Interaktyvi pusiausvyros sistema BoBo Pro Plus
  • Interaktyvi pusiausvyros sistema BoBo Pro Plus
  • Interaktyvi pusiausvyros sistema BoBo Pro Plus
  • Interaktyvi pusiausvyros sistema BoBo Pro Plus
  • Interaktyvi pusiausvyros sistema BoBo Pro Plus

Interaktyvi pusiausvyros sistema BoBo Pro Plus

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Professionals' choice
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BoBo Pro+

Bobo Pro is a smart balance board that is mounted on traditional balance-training products, turning them into integrative and smart training platforms. Enables a wide range of training poses and exercise levels. BoBo Motion is a wearable motion sensor that allows accurate joint measure and engaging rehab programs. BoBo A.I.O is a breakthrough 19" all-in-one touch-screen device that integrates all mobile-tilt games into traditional balance training. Controlled by the BoBo's movements, the AIO supports BoBo-provided balance tests, games and professional training programs, as well as many third-party tilt games.

In The Box:

  • BoBo Balance Pro;
  • BoBo Motion;
  • BoBo A.I.O;
  • Magnetic USB cable;
  • 11 Built in Games with App + Endless Variety of Games;
  • Customized training with downloadable information;
  • Possibility to see your progress

Why BoBo Balance?

Get Started

It’s easy: simply download the app, switch on your BoBo Balance and pair with your device.

Get Training

Choose one of our interactive games, hop on your BoBo Balance, and go!

Get Results

Measure performance, track progress, and stay motivated to reach your goals.


What is BoBo Balance?

One Fitness Tool For All

BoBo is for people of all ages and all fitness levels - from families to hardcore athletes, seniors, and rehab patients.

Workouts That Don’t Feel Like Work

Step inside the action with BoBo’s interactive fitness games that push you to work harder and longer, while you’re having fun.

Work Out Anywhere

BoBo is portable so you can easily carry your effective workout tool with you, wherever you go.


How does it help You?



Train Better

  • Develop core strength, balance and coordination
  • Boost flexibility and agility
  • Stabilize muscles
  • Improve posture
  • Elevate movement awareness


Stronger, Better, Safer

  • Improve performance
  • Build strength through balance
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Get motivated to achieve real results fast
  • Increase engagement with interactive games


Learn Better

  • Improve focus
  • Maintain attention
  • Sharpen motor skills
  • Boost confidence
  • Strengthen muscles

BoBo Balance Features


Our App

Pre-set rehabilitation protocols

In addition to free and personalized use, the app offers a database of pre-set rehabilitation protocols. Thanks to these, patients will be able to perform the various postural exercises in a simple and effective way.

Get detailed and exportable reports

During the training session, the relevant data are collected and automatically transformed into detailed reports for further clinical analyzes. You will also have the possibility to export the reports, with the related data and graphs contained in it.

Endless variety of games

Thanks to a company’s patent, the bobo can control many 3rd party tilt games, such as snowboard, mazes, car races and many more - turning every training session into an exciting and fun experience.



BoBo Motion

The BoBo motion sensor enables real-time joint motion tracking on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, the clinician can set ROM parameters according to MD protocol or the patient's needs. Bluetooth Motion Sensor accurately measures patient ROM and compliance. Patient Monitoring - Quickly see how your patients are progressing with their therapy. Gamified Experience -Motivational experience encourages patients to reach their goals.

  • Range of Motion measurement
  • Turn your common exercises into a game
  • Set an exercise protocol for your patients according to his injury and condition.
  • Set the exercise parameters, such as ROM, Sets, Reps, and Rest.
  • Track your patient performance and adjust 

How they differ?

Bobo - tai patogios, įperkamos ir mediciniškai įvertintos kineziterapijos programos visur ir visada. Bobo įkvėpė frazė Progress Through Play (pažanga per žaidimą), todėl jie derina pusiausvyros treniruotes su įvairiais žaidimais, kad atlikdami pusiausvyros treniruotes ir stiprindami pagrindinius raumenis pramogautumėte. Bobo turi savo pusiausvyros pagalvėles, ant kurių galima uždėti įvairią pusiausvyros įrangą, pavyzdžiui, šokinėjančius kamuolius ir pan. Derinkite pramogas su treniruotėmis!

Bobo turi 37 metų patirtį pusiausvyros treniruočių srityje, o tai reiškia, kad jų kokybė yra aukščiausio lygio. Jei ieškote smagaus būdo, kaip treniruotis ir stiprinti pagrindinius raumenis, rekomenduojame rinktis Bobo prekės ženklą. Pusiausvyros pagalvėlė, kurią galite pridėti prie bet kokios pusiausvyros įrangos ir naudoti iš karto.

Vientisas skaitmeninis sprendimas, skirtas fizioterapijai namuose!

Bobo Katalogas:


Įkūrė: Gadi Nir and Eitan Merhavi       Pagrindinė būstinė: Holivudas, Florida      Prekės ženklas: Įkurtas 2015 m.


gamintojo atstovas

nuo 2020



parduota daugiau kaip




šis prekės ženklas yra


sporto salėje


oficialus prekiautojas




visoms prekėms




visos prekės yra







50 x 35 cm

Full charge usage

12 hours

LED & Audio Indicators


Operating Temp.

-5°C to 45°C

Battery Tyoe

Rechargable 100 mAh lithium polymer


3 - axis accelerometer


Bluetooth (BLE)


iOS 11 and up;

Android 5 and up

Max. User Weight

204 kg

Anti-Slip Surface


App For Games

Free downloadable


Premium wooden board

Customized Training Programs


Advanced Rehabilitation Protocols


Progress Tracking


Multiple User Dashboard


Save & Export Reports


BoBo Console

Android 7.0


19'' touchscreen


Rockchip RK3368 Eight Core Clocked 1.8G

Internal Memory

16 GB


2 GB


Power DC, USBx2, Micro USB, HDMI, audio jack

External Capacity

TF card, up to 64 GB


MP3, WMA, FLAC, APP, OGG (support all audio formats)


MPEG4-sp, asp, DivX, WMV, RMVB, H.264/1080P (support all video formats)


-20°C to 60°C

Power Supply

DC/4.0 power input


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