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  • Gamintojas Concept2
  • Artikulas 2900
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Concept2 BikeErg riteņbraukšanas trenažieris

Institutional grade biking exercise machine with air-resistance flywheel, adjustable seat andhandlebars, and electronic performance monitor. The Concept2 BikeErg is the latest addition to our family of sport-based ergometers. The BikeErg has the same flywheel and Performance Monitor as our Concept2 Indoor Rowers and SkiErgs, bringing to cycling the strengths and features we've previously brought to rowing and cross-country skiing.The flywheel uses air resistance to create a smooth, quiet ride that responds to your efforts. The damper is your "gearing", allowing you to adjust the feel of your ride. Unlike most stationary bikes, the BikeErg has a clutch, so just like a real bike, when you stop pedaling, the flywheel keeps on spinning.The sophisticated Performance Monitor gives you instantaneous workout feedback, with a wide variety of displays and workouts to choose from. The Performance Monitor is calibrated so you'll be able to directly compare your times and distances with other people, as well as track your progress. Frame is made of welded aluminum construction. Extruded and plate aluminum components. Fully-enclosed flywheel is steel with glass reinforced ABS centrifugal fan attached. The flywheel enclosure is made of hi-impact, ABS Thermo-plastic. The polygroove belt system is quiet and reliable. A unique self-tightening system on each of the drive belts reduces slippageand extends belt life. PM5 Monitor: Backlit liquid crystal display shows time/distance biked. You can see on screen: calories burned, power produced (watts), cadence, current output (watts, calories, meters), average pace (timeper 1000 meters), library of preset workouts (timed, distance, timed interval, distance interval), projected finish (time or distance), split memory recall function, wireless heart rate monitoringusing ANT+ and Bluetooth with compatible devices. 

In the box:

  • Smartphone Cradle
  • BikeErg Product Manual with Performance Monitor Quick Start Guide
  • Tools and instructions for assembly

Why Concept2 BikeErg?


Performance Monitor

Every BikeErg includes our most advanced Performance monitor, the PM5. The powerful PM5 provides repeatable, comparable data for every ride. The PM5 offers automatic “Just Ride” mode, or allows you to set up a variety of workouts. The monitor gives you a wide range of data, including pace, watts, cadence (rpm) and Calories and automatically stores this information. The PM5 uses power from 2 D-cell batteries whenever it is not being powered by the flywheel.


Get Connected

The PM5 monitor on the BikeErg has both Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless connectivity, allowing it to connect to many heart rate belts, fitness devices and apps. The free Concept2 ErgData app helps you track your workouts and can sync with the Concept2 Online Logbook. Third party apps, such as Zwift, can provide additional features to help keep you motivated. Smartphone Cradle included.


Flywheel and Damper

The BikeErg uses the same flywheel design as our indoor rowers and SkiErg to create a responsive, continuous ride. The flywheel puts you in full control of your exertion and resistance at all times. The damper allows you to quickly adjust the airflow to the flywheel during the workout. This has a similar effect to changing gears on a bicycle. Opening the damper and letting more air into the flywheel is like shifting into a heavier gear. Closing the damper lightens the "gearing".


Adjustable Saddle and Handlebars

Both the saddle and handlebar positions are easily adjustable. You can set the saddle height with our secure and easy tool-free ratcheting system. The fore and aft saddle position and angle can be adjusted for custom fitting. The handlebars move up and down, and forward and back, and with three different handlebar riding options, you can easily find the setting that’s best for you.


Customize Your Ride

Prefer your own set-up? The BikeErg fits most standard bike parts, so you can easily use your own saddle, handlebars and pedals for the ultimate personalized experience.


Chain Free

The BikeErg uses high-strength polygroove belts rather than a chain for a quiet ride. The belts are self-tensioning to help extend life and reduce maintenance.


Lightweight and Mobile

The BikeErg’s aluminum frame makes it both light and durable, while caster wheels make it easy to move around. At just 68 lb (31 kg), it's lighter than most other stationary bikes.


Durable Construction That’s Easy to Maintain

Our machines are well-known for their durability and construction. Tough and built to last, our machines withstand rigorous use in training centers, living rooms, hotels, health clubs and military bases around the world. We make sure our machines are easy to care for so you can focus on using your investment, not maintaining it.

Concept 2 - daugiau nei 45 metų patirtį turintys kardio treniruokliai. Šis prekės ženklas atsirado 1976 m., o tai reiškia, kad daug bandymų, eksperimentų ir naujovių, siekiant sukurti geriausius irklavimo treniruoklius, dviračius treniruoklius ir net slidinėjimo treniruoklius. Pagrindinis Concept2 gaminys - irklavimo treniruokliai, kurie yra tiesiog geriausi ir žinomiausi irklavimo treniruokliai visame pasaulyje.

Jei norite pradėti treniruotis su irklavimo treniruokliais, dėl jų efektyvumo, kokybės ir aptarnavimo po įsigijimo pradėkite nuo šio prekės ženklo! Concept 2 filosofija - visiems pateikti pažangiausius produktus ir programas. Tai daug ką pasako apie šį prekės ženklą - įsipareigojimą patenkinti kiekvieno žmogaus poreikius kardio treniruotėms, užtikrinant kokybę ir puikų aptarnavimą po pirkimo.

Mes tikime, kad irklavimas yra visą gyvenimą trunkantis užsiėmimas, prieinamas visiems!

Concept2 Catalogs: can be found here

Įkūrėjas: Dick and Peter Dreissigackers      Pagrindinė būstinė: Morisvilis, JAV   Prekės ženklas: Įkurtas 1976 m.


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nuo 2008



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Overall Length

48 in (122 cm)


24 in (61 cm)

Seat Height

Seat to Pedal range (approximately): 31–40.5 in (79–103 cm)

Crank Length170 mm
Q Factor15.5 cm
DrivePolygroove belts with self-tensioning system


Power RequirementThe PM5 takes two D cell batteries. During your workout, the monitor draws power from the spinning flywheel to extend battery life.
Maximum User Weight

300 lb (136 kg)


Welded aluminum frame. Steel feet.


Black powder coat frame; gray anodized posts


Must be stored in its fully assembled state

Space Recommendations

Assembled: 48 in x 24 in (122 cm x 61 cm)

Machine Weight

68 lb (31 kg)

Shipping Dimensions

One box: 15 in x 26 in x 48 in (38 cm x 66 cm x 122 cm)

Shipping Weight

80 lb (37 kg)


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